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Corporate Security Management

With the complexities of most corporations, developing an effective security program can be a tremendous responsibility and undertaking.

At ISS, our approach to corporate security is built on years of experience and a world-class team of subject matter experts including analysts, former law enforcement executives, and experts in a variety of specialized fields. We’ll provide you with a full-time, on-site director of security with access to our extensive databases, research capabilities, and law enforcement networks at all levels, enabling us to improve your service quality, provide aid response to emergencies and fill gaps as they are identified.

Features & Benefits:

  • ISS holds full-responsibility and risk for filling and maintaining the in-house security position.
  • Our extensive experience in recruiting and vetting senior-level positions in both the public and private sectors results in an expedited selection and placement, ultimately allowing us to quickly begin providing the needed services.
  • You’ll have direct and immediate access to our leadership team of over 150 years of collective law enforcement and security experience training.
  • We’ll provide a strategic and long-term approach to security backed by the extensive knowledge of the ISS leadership team.
  • Our network of experienced contractors are ready to be summoned at a moment’s notice in case of emergencies or in the event that your security director becomes unavailable.

Corporate Travel Security Services

When you travel, anything can happen – terrorism, infectious diseases, natural disasters, medical emergencies or violent crimes.

Such events are often beyond your control, but the responsibility to keep employees and assets safe should be a top priority for any organization. ISS can develop a travel plan for your employees in order to anticipate, identify and mitigate risks and threats before they become problematic or disruptive. Our experience and worldwide network make us a solid choice to handle your company’s travel security and safety needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Employee Awareness and Safety Training
  • Advance Region-Specific Intelligence Information
  • Travel Monitoring
  • Contingency Readiness
  • Post-Travel Debriefing

Executive Protective Services

ISS maximizes client security by delivering a problem-solving, intelligence-based approach to executive and corporate level protection.

Corporate leaders face many obstacles, be it unstable environments, workplace violence, or disgruntled employees. At ISS we’re committed to providing reliable protection services and security strategies that deter and reduce threats to those in leadership roles, including CEO’s and directors, notable families, dignitaries, and celebrities. Our network of protection specialists is uniquely qualified and positioned on an international level to keep you, your family and your business safe.

Features & Benefits:

  • Security Survey and Threat Analysis for Advanced Preparations and Planning
  • Armed or Unarmed Investigators
  • Real-Time Intelligence
  • Ability to Respond to Changing Situations
  • Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Advanced Team Deployment
  • Liaison with Local Police and Relevant Authorities

Security Risk and Threat Assessment

ISS has the background and experience to help organizations of any size develop a proactive, preventative approach to security, violence and risk issues.

No two organizations are alike, and neither are their security risks and threats. At ISS we focus on one simple yet powerful goal: determine vulnerabilities impacting an operating environment in order to equip organizations, their staff and their stakeholders with the resources needed to resolve issues in the event of a threat. We then work with our clients to implement the appropriate recommendations while remaining mindful of budgets and goals. Our experience in risk and threat assessments spans across businesses, homes, corporations, government buildings, schools, churches, and individuals.

Risk and Threat Assessments

Features & Benefits:

  • On-Site Evaluations of Physical Environment, Including Building Designs, Existing Safety Features, Lighting, Points of Entry and Exit
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Policy and Procedure Review, Continuity Planning and Employee Screening/Training
  • Crime and Quality of Life Data Analysis

Security Policy & Procedure Development

Up-to-date policies are essential to safeguard employees, properties, and assets.

Policies and procedures play an important role in protecting your people and assets against the risks of medical emergencies, active shooters, bomb threats, workplace violence, and much more. If your company has policies that are out of date or even lacks policies altogether, our team of experts can start at the ground floor and develop a company security manual with all the necessary policies and procedures specific to your line of business.

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom tailored to fit the issues your company faces
  • Ability to build from the ground up or focus on specific areas of need
  • Comprehensive security program to cover not just emergencies, but often overlooked areas of security such as parking regulations, fire alarms, travel, executive protection, and pre-employment background investigations.
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