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Law Firm Support Services

Investigative Results That Withstand Legal Scrutiny. When Credibility Matters Most.

Law firms know it’s often not enough to win the case. You have to win the appeal, and defend your process, usually multiple times. Our team provides thorough investigations, provable facts, and when necessary, the expert testimony needed to help your case. With decades of experience in law enforcement, we have unique knowledge of what it takes not only to prove the case, but survive the scrutiny of the process as well. Don’t trust your case to anyone but the experts at ISS.


In and Out of the Courtroom

ISS can help with everything from investigating the facts to expert testimony. Our exhaustive investigations are delivered in the greatest detail, along with executive summaries in plain english. This gets you the information you need in an approachable format without sacrificing the process. It's often not enough to withstand the initial case, but an appeal as well. ISS has over a century of combined background in the industry and there is no substitute for experience.
Courtroom Testimony
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