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National Cooperative Contract

How to Use Our National Cooperative Contract with the Virginia Sheriffs' Association

About VSA

The Virginia Sheriffs' Association (VSA) offers a purchasing program with cooperative contracts active in all 50 states. The VSA contract streamlines your procurement process by offering ready-to-use contracts that have been competitively solicited. VSA has done the RFP process for you, saving you time and money. VSA contracts are based on the procurement and purchasing statutes of Virginia and can be used nationwide.

You do not have to be a member of the VSA to use this contract. You don't have to register with the Association, and there is no fee to use their program.

How to Use the National Contract

Go to the US ISS Agency offering on the Virginia Sheriffs' Association's Procurement Program's website here.

To find out what we offer, click on the red hotlinks under 'Build File' and "Options File". Then, contact us to discuss how we can help you with your investigative and security needs.

We will enter into a contract directly with you, citing the VSA procurement program. You simply provide a copy of that contract to the VSA to within 10 business days of signing the document.

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You can learn more about US ISS Agency at, or by calling 704-525-5221.

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Chief of Police Background Investigations
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VSA Bid 25-0401-0524
First Responder Supplies and Equipment

Please use the above information on your purchase order.
VSA Contract