Since 2004, U.S. Investigative Security Services Agency, LLC (ISS) has provided private, corporate and government sectors with needed support to hire the right people, ensure success, and protect against litigation, outside risks and internal threats.

As an investigative services, security solutions, and management consulting firm, ISS delivers a full range of custom services and intelligent solutions tailored to meet your organization’s unique characteristics and needs. Comprised of talented investigators and executives with extensive histories in local, state and federal law enforcement, corporate security, private investigations and digital forensics,ISS is staffed with the right professionals to meet your needs.

Our experienced and informed background investigation and executive vetting services are unparalleled for excellence through all levels of government and all corporate ranks. And, with decades of relevant, in-the-trenches experience, the ISS Team provides specialized expertise and strategic approaches that exceed industry best practices for government, corporate and private investigative and consulting services, and litigation support.

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